John McAllister First President 1898The Beginning

On the evening of the 4th of November,1898 a group of 19 Scots or Scottish decendents met in the Office of McAllister – Mott in the Bank of Nova Scotia Building, Campbellton, N.B for the purpose of organizing a society of persons of Scottish Birth and Decent.

John McAllister was appointed Chairman and John Montgomery was appointed Secretary.  It was moved and carried that a society be formed and named The Caledonian Society of Restigouche.  Also approved were the Constitution and By-laws which had been submetted by the Secretary.  The following officers were duly nominated and elected:

President- John McAllister, M.P

Treasurer- A.McG.McDonald

Vice President- Arch McKenzie,M.P.P

Secretary-John Montgomery



Our Society was Incorporated in 1935

The Name

The name chosen”Caledonian” is from the old name “Caledonia” for the part of Scotland Know to us as the highlands. The Romans named the people living north of the firth-Clyde line “Caledonian Picts” or the painted people. they also probably called them a lot of other names as these Picts who where a tribe of Celts were the people the Romans could not Conquer.

purpose of Society

The Society was formed for the purpose of offering relief and assistance to distressed Scotsmen and Decedents and for the purpose of maintaining a social and friendly fellowship and to promote an interest in the History, Literature and Tradition of Scotland!


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  1. Ramona Adams Francis

    Caledonian Society of Campbellton
    I am attempting to send a donation in memory of Kathryn Irvine who died recently in Campbellton. Please send me the address of the Treasurer in your Society. I seem to be having difficulty doing so.

    Ramona Adams Francis —- ramona.francis@rogers.com

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