Isle of Arran clearance Monument Raffle basket

Raffle ticket Two dollars each and Three for Five Dollars, draw to be held at annual St Andrews Night Dinner.
Special Thanks to Rainnea Ltd, Wayne jewellery, Atlantic pewter and glass, and the Rusty star for putting it all together.



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The Corries – hush hush song of the Clearances

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Arren Clearence Monument

Remembering our Scottish roots
by: Maria Thompson
James Thompson, President of the Caledonian Society of Restigouche, is passionate about promoting Scottish culture in Northern New Brunswick. His most recent undertaking is to launch a fund-raising campaign to erect a monument in memory of the original Scottish settlers to the region.

In researching his ancestors Mr. Thompson has discovered that a large number of settlers arrived in the region as a result of the Arran Clearances of 1829-1840. This was an expulsion of Scottish farmers from the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The Duke of Hamilton merged their smaller farms to create larger units and displaced many families. They came to Canada in boatloads, the largest group of more than 400 landing in Dalhousie, NB to be pioneer settlers of the Restigouche- Bay Chaleur District.

Monuments marking the experiences of such displaced peoples have been erected elsewhere, such as in Megantic County, Quebec, and Lamlash on the Isle of Arran, Scotland (raised in 1977 with the help of the Caledonian Society of Restigouche). In 2007 a sculpture called The Emigrants was forged in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland and duplicated in Winnigpeg, Manitoba in honour of similar Highland Clearances.

Mr. Thompson has contacted the Scottish foundry who cast the two Emigrant monuments, Black Isle Bronze, with the hopes of having a reproduction made to be erected in Campbellton. Anyone interested in supporting this venture is invited to contact James at

(506) 789-1586 or email


caledonian Society of Restigouche is working on Erecting a Monument to the 400 settlers from the Clearance of the isle of Arran, Any one interested in donating please send your check to

Caledonian Society of Restigouche Arren Memorial fund.

37 Andrew Street Campbellton New Brunswick E3N 2B3 canada.

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The caledonian society of Restigouche Newly reestablished Pipe band is looking for donations.

Please donate!
send your check or money order to
Caledonian Society of Restigouche pipe band
37 Andrew Street ,
Campbellton ,
New Brunswick ,
E3N 2B3,

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Caledonian Society of Restigouche 1898 Minute book

Was given the First Minute book of the Caledonian Society last night, William Adams was the Society historian for years, it was his wife that called me last night and told me about the Box of Society belongings.

The first page of the book :

Minites of metting held in the Office of McAllister & Mott. Back of Nova Scotia Building. Campbellton N.B. on the evening of Friday the Forth day of November 1898

On Motion duly seconded and carried. Question McAllister M.P was appointed chairman.Our motion duly seconded and carried. Question Montgomery was appointed secretary. The Chairman then explained that this meeting was called for the purpose of organizing a society of persons of Scottish birth and descent.

After some discussion the secretary submitted a constitution and by laws prepared for the purpose of organizing the purposed and moved that “we do now proceed to organize a Society of persons of Scottish Birth and Decent to be called “Caledonian Society of Restigouche” for the purpose of offering relief and assistance to distressed Scotchmen and Decedents, and for the purpose of maintaining a Social and Friendly intercourse among its members, and to further and interest in the History, ____ and Traditions  of Scotland” Which motion having been duly seconded by Archibald McKenzie M.P.P was first to the meeting and noncontroversial  carried.

Our motion duly second it was recorded to adopt the draft constitution and by laws submitted for the organisation proposes only and to appoint a committee of three to draw up and submit a regular constitution and set of by laws for the new Society.

The Chairperson appointed as said committee Archibald McKenzie, Dr P.W Hall and the Secritary.

The following persons that submitted there intentions of joining the Society : John McAllister,___ Montgomery, Dr A.P Crockett,Dr P.W Hall,D.J Bruce,John Miller,H.P Harquis,W.J Jardine, G.K Le Praike,Donald Macbeth ,Archibald McKenzie ,Rev A.f Carr, A.E.G McKenzie,A__ McDonald, Mac Kendrick,R.B Macbeth,Geo Moffat,W.G Fraser and Edward Macral.

upon Motion duly seconded and carried it was recorded to forward to the election of Officers of the society:

The following officers were then dully nominated and elected.

President                             John Mc Allister M.P

Vice President                   Archibald McKenzie M.P.P

Chaplin                               Rev A.F Carr

Treasurer                           A.Mc G McDonald

Secretary                             ____ Montgomery

Marshall                            A.D MacKendrick

upon motion duly seconded it was resolved that the President and secretary be authorized to receive and enroll new members until St Andrews day___ ___ ___.

The President then appointed the following Committees:

Sick visiting Committee: rev A.F Carr, Dr A.P Crockett,Dr P.W Hall,D.F Bruce,W.G Fraser.

Constitutional committee: Archibald McKenzie,A.D Mc Kendrick,W.G Fraser,W.J Jardine, A.E.G Mc Kenzie.

Upon motion duly seconded the secretary and treasurer were authorized to procure the books required for their respective offices.

The matter of the celebration of St Andrew day was discussed and left for further consideration.

Upon motion duly seconded it was resolved that this meeting adjourned until Friday evening__ at 8 O’clock.

John Montgomery Secretary

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Lost History

New’s flash Lost informashion has surfaced from the Caledonian Society of Restigouche.

I will be picking up the First Minute’s book from 1898 and other Memorabilia tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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Caledonian Society of Restigouche new Shirts

President of Caledonian Society of Restigouche and his son.

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