Restigouche Scottish Settlers new web site!

We have been fortunate enough to have our new web site Donated to us! Thanks to the Hard work of Rodney Harris and Christopher Smith. It explains what the bronze Scotsman and Stone cairn will look like! 

For more Info on the Project please go to

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Fund Raiser for Restigouche Scottish Settlers Monument Park

Fund Raiser for Restigouche Scottish Settlers Monument Park


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Robert Ferguson Scottish Settlers park web site
Please donate to our project, no amount is to small!

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Funding for monument

Great News the Federal and provincial Government has signed on to giving us Funding for our Scottish Monument Park, Just need to raise $25,000

Still alot of work ahead in form of Paper work and fund raising!

Also our web site will soon be up and running so all can donate through pay pal.



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The face that will be our Bronze Scotsmen a decedent of Robert Ferguson

The face that will be our Bronze Scotsmen a decedent of Robert Ferguson

The city of Campbellton has donated a peace of Land for our monument. and we now have a engineer working with us.
also we have been granted half the cost of the monument from the feds thru there legacy fund with the heritage branch.
Just a few more quotes to get to finalize the paper work to have the grant approved.

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August 12, 2012 · 3:45 pm

Scottish Settlers monument Second proposal!

The Stone Cairn

Traditional in many ways ,yet split in half. Facing east
and west so the sun will be shining through all day long,leaving
a shade of the outline of both halves of the cairn on the surrounding
patio. The space between the two halves is for the
purpose of giving the public,the children in particular,to go “in
and out” of the cairn.
People will be able to see this cairn from a good distant away.
It will be a ten foot tall cairn, giving a very strong “monumental”
present to the surrounding area.
The inscriptions ,to be determined, will be inscribed on sandstone
tablets, each being approximately 12” high and 36” wide.
Three tablets will be set on top of each other and form one “window”
opening. There will be two “windows” on either side of the
cairn. Each tablet will be set back 4” from the one below,thus
following the slope of the cairn itself.
The patio surrounding the cairn will be 60” wide all around the
base of the cairn, allowing enough room needed for two people
to walk beside each other while conversing with each other.
Two stone benches have been included and they will be set on
the right and or the left of the tablets. This will prohibit people
standing between the people sitting and the tablets.

Ludwig Hartman

The Bronze figure

As you know ,there is a long list of Scottish heros that
we could have used as the figure for the bronze sculpture. The
man that I see is the everyday hero. The man who has been
through so much in his life, perhaps the loss of his family, leaving
everything familiar behind and starting anew. This is the
man who we remember in the names like William Wallace and
others whose stories have been told. This man,encompasses
all men, woman and children who went through much hardship
in this new world and how they didn’t just survive, but flourished.
When approaching the sculpture from the front, you see a
strong determined Scottish farmer looking towards Scotland.
His sleeves are rolled up and you can see muscles, hard from
years of physical work. In his hand, you see a small rock left
behind from the ship’s balsas; the rock he just couldn’t add to
the Cairn that he just finished building with local stones. This
rock symbolized the land he came from and everything he
knew;the one that he wanted to hold on to and keep near to
him. This small stone would someday be placed in a cairn for
him “Cuiridh mi clach air do chàrn”.
The figure is wearing the traditional long kilt with the
extra material pinned over his shoulders to keep the fall chill
from sneaking in through his sweat stained shirt. Upon approaching
this larger than life bronze figure, you feel questions
arising within you. You look towards where he is staring so
intently and then, you will also be looking towards Scotland.
There are many other questions you might wonder. What is his
story? What did he leave behind? What has he been through?
What are his dreams? As you move around the figure, interrupting
your path towards the Cairn you see in the distance, you
notice that there is more to be discovered. On the back of the
man, carved into the fabric of the kilt, are relief carvings, showing
the observer his narrative; the same tales of countless others
that have left their home in search of better things. Through
the folds in the fabric we see the images, stories woven that
leave you with some of questions answered.

Darren Byers

Stone Cairn designed by and Ludwig Hartman Bronze Sculpture designed by Darren Byers
above photo is of the maquette

Materials used for the Cairn & Benches
The stones used in the construction
of the cairn will be from the Campbellton
area. The stones used to
create the benches and the patio
around the base of the Cairn will
be sandstone. The cairn will be
mortared together to ensure a long
and strong life of the piece. Topping
the cairn will be a large sandstone
piece which will serve two purposes.
One,it will cap the cairn and the other
purpose, is to act as a cap to shed
the water. Another element of the
design will be tools that would have
been used in the construction of the
cairn. These tools will be sculpted,
then cast in bronze and pinned to
the stone benches .
Details of the proposed monument
Details of the Bronze Sculpture
The Cairn & Sculpture Concept
Walking away from a job well done
There are details that are too difficult
to see in the scale model. The face
I see is like the one pictured here. A
face that has known worry and has
been through a tremendous amount
in his life. The pose of this face that I
want to convey is the look of optimism.
The feeling is that he is determined to
see past this and move forward. The
stone that he is caring will be an actual
stone from Scotland and will be
held in his bronze hand. Along with
the traditional kilt, the figure will also
have, in his sock, a dirk, as well as a
sporran around his waist. There are
many things to be determined as to
the details of the piece. As this project
moves ahead, aspects of the historic
dress will be researched, discussed
and incorporated into the design.
The scene that we have created comes from the sense of
accomplishment, a sense of belonging. When you build
a cairn you are building an historic marker that you were
here; a guide to others who come through. The concept
is that the figure who is walking away from the cairn,
has just finished building this landmark. He is
thinking of his past and of his future as he gazes
towards Scotland. He has left so much of
what was familiar behind and has suffered the
loss of his family, the reason he stands alone
without a companion beside him. This sense
of loss is softened with the construction of this
monument of stones; this lasting reminder to all
who see it, that many men women and children
persevered to make a new Scotland and a new
hope for there future.


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Campbellton Scottish monument CBC interview

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Isle of Arran clearance Monument Raffle basket

Raffle ticket Two dollars each and Three for Five Dollars, draw to be held at annual St Andrews Night Dinner.
Special Thanks to Rainnea Ltd, Wayne jewellery, Atlantic pewter and glass, and the Rusty star for putting it all together.


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The Corries – hush hush song of the Clearances

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Arren Clearence Monument

Remembering our Scottish roots
by: Maria Thompson
James Thompson, President of the Caledonian Society of Restigouche, is passionate about promoting Scottish culture in Northern New Brunswick. His most recent undertaking is to launch a fund-raising campaign to erect a monument in memory of the original Scottish settlers to the region.

In researching his ancestors Mr. Thompson has discovered that a large number of settlers arrived in the region as a result of the Arran Clearances of 1829-1840. This was an expulsion of Scottish farmers from the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The Duke of Hamilton merged their smaller farms to create larger units and displaced many families. They came to Canada in boatloads, the largest group of more than 400 landing in Dalhousie, NB to be pioneer settlers of the Restigouche- Bay Chaleur District.

Monuments marking the experiences of such displaced peoples have been erected elsewhere, such as in Megantic County, Quebec, and Lamlash on the Isle of Arran, Scotland (raised in 1977 with the help of the Caledonian Society of Restigouche). In 2007 a sculpture called The Emigrants was forged in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland and duplicated in Winnigpeg, Manitoba in honour of similar Highland Clearances.

Mr. Thompson has contacted the Scottish foundry who cast the two Emigrant monuments, Black Isle Bronze, with the hopes of having a reproduction made to be erected in Campbellton. Anyone interested in supporting this venture is invited to contact James at

(506) 789-1586 or email


caledonian Society of Restigouche is working on Erecting a Monument to the 400 settlers from the Clearance of the isle of Arran, Any one interested in donating please send your check to

Caledonian Society of Restigouche Arren Memorial fund.

37 Andrew Street Campbellton New Brunswick E3N 2B3 canada.

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